Think Green Midwest LLC
Who we are...

Think Green Midwest means thinking responsibly about the environment. There are several advantages to working with us. What we want most is to help you and to help our environment. We want to conserve energy and water consequentially saving you money. We want you to stay in your safe, healthy, comfortable, and affordable home for years to come. 

We have specialized in home energy efficiency for over 15 years. We service much of the midwest, and have rated over 5,000 Energy Star certified homes. We also certify Green Building through such programs as NAHB, LEED, Enterprise Green Communities and many regional programs. We also provide professional home energy audits on both existing and new. We are one of few companies that are not only certified HERS raters but Green Building Verifiers through many different green program. Remember, the path to green is through the blue of Energy Star!

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